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“I was trained for success and I took it and ran with it. I started as a Bather and I am now a District Academy Trainer. The ability to grow and develop yourself in this company is unreal.” – Jennifer Nall, District Academy Trainer

Career Progression

Creative & Inspired Individual

Creative & Inspired Individual


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You’ll begin your new life by joining the PetSmart team as a Bather. Once you have gained several months of experience handling all types of breeds by shampooing various breeds of our pet clients, you can apply to become a Groomer Trainee through the PetSmart Grooming Academy.

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Grooming Academy

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The Academy is a four-week long paid apprenticeship with instruction valued at $6,000.

During the program, you’ll receive formal instruction in addition to gaining a ton of hands-on experience. Your lessons will include best practices in grooming, from how to interact with animals to intricate cutting and brushing techniques that add body and volume to even the most delicate fur.

The PetSmart Grooming Academy strives to jumpstart the careers of individuals in search of long-term grooming careers, growth opportunity, and earning potential.

Take advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from industry professionals while earning a competitive hourly rate. Most importantly, you’ll be able to earn a living doing what you love.

Apply today to become a PetSmart Bather

Grooming Trainee

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If you’re interested in becoming a Groomer Trainee with the PetSmart Grooming Academy, start your journey by applying today to become a PetSmart Bather.

Experienced Pet Stylist

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We know how hard it is to strike out on your own. The constant hunt for leads, self-employment taxes, and health insurance worries are enough to drive you barking mad. Yet, we understand your need for independence coupled with stability. PetSmart provides reliable schedules for our professional Pet Stylists in addition to 401ks, medical and dental insurance, and paid time off.

By transitioning from an independent practice to employment with PetSmart, you stand to gain more financially. We offer a highly competitive hourly base rate for all of our professional Pet Stylists in addition to 50% commission for every pet groomed. While PetSmart provides you with all of the customers you’ll need for a full book of business, you’re encouraged to increase your earnings by bringing your existing clients to PetSmart and using our resources to tame their mane in-house.

As an additional incentive for joining our team, PetSmart provides the supplies you need in addition to offering Pet Stylists a 35% discount on professional grooming equipment.

If you have what it takes to make pets look runway-ready, apply today for a Pet Stylist career at PetSmart.

Free, paid pet stylist training!

If you’re entrepreneurial, fashion forward, and have a passion for pets, PetSmart has built the perfect foundation for your new career path. We’re currently in search of novice Pet Stylists to receive formal training and start careers via the PetSmart Grooming Academy. No prior experience is required! We offer free, paid training in our Grooming Academy. This includes:

  • Salon Academy

    (4 weeks) Train in a paid apprenticeship with instruction valued at $6,000.

  • Salon Field Practice

    (8-12 weeks) During this time you’ll groom 100 different types of dogs to graduate as Pet Stylist (Groomer).

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Make pets look runway-ready.
Become a Pet Stylist at PetSmart.

If you have experience running your own salon or working as a freelance groomer, we want you to transition into a career at PetSmart as a professional Pet Stylist. Stabilize your earnings, increase your clientele, and expand your expertise by working with thousands of PetSmart’s furry customers across hundreds of different breeds.

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